The Regiment

Calisi is a fortress world positioned within the Iron Collar of the Jericho Reach. Conquered by Achillis in 779.M41, the planet and surrounding system became systemically fortified as its nomadic human population was brought once more into the fold of the Imperial Creed. The first Calisi guard regiments where founded in 782.M41, with the subsequent 37 years seeing numerous regiments created and deployed to fuel the hungry maws of the three salients.

Similar to the other five fortified systems that form the Iron Collar protecting the Well of Night and its secret xenos warpgate, Calisi serves to protect the gate and fuel the crusade. In addition to garrisoning the world and its system-wide defenses, the population of Calisi is completely tithed to the war effort. Subsequently, its population serves in the Imperial Guard, supports military industry, or is engaged in the logistics underpinning the numerous Calisi regiments demanded by High Command.

As most Calisi regiments have significantly less than four decades of history since their founding, many regiments are keen to achieve recognition and create a legacy to last the ages.

The 9th Star Mechanised is a veteran-rated regiment. This comes with its benefits such as; the latest model vehicles and equipment. It was considered a veteran regiment at one stage (and was thus named a “star” regiment) however a man does not stay a veteran in the Imperium for long and the regiment has recently been flooded with new recruits. This has created an unfortunate effect where the regiment being a star regiment is handed the heaviest and bloodiest fighting, but with hardly many veterans left it has recently been producing poor results. Higher Command has threatened to take away its Star status should its results not improve.

Regimental Sergeant Major Yuri Yukov is something of a hero to the men in the regiment, for none have seen as many battles as him. He was awarded the Imperial Guards highest medal, the Hero of the Imperium, for his ingenuity in destroying a Tau grav tank that was tearing up an armoured column his company was supporting. Indeed he has lived to see the victory over two planets in his time. Many junior officers learn quickly to heed his advice.

Coming from a fortress world dominated by structures the regiment has adopted a grey/black camouflage pattern as their colours with the red star of veterancy and a Chimera tank on the foreground as its regimental badge.

Colonel Nikolai Vatutin now runs the 9th Guards Mechanised Regiment with the creativity and cunning he has learned from his studies. The troops of the 9th are happy to have Vatutin. He uses the tactics that will work and bring as many of them back as possible. He never gets bogged down in doctrine. The troops are still trying to come up with a nickname for their commander. Its a common discussion point around the fire in the evenings. A point that Nikolai views with amusement.
Currently at full strength with 200 Chimera tanks split into 4 Battalion’s lead by Majors, the 9th has been re-equipped and re-educated back into a suitable fighting force ready to face the horrors of the Greyhell Front.

As survivors of at least one previous battle we are considered to be “Company Veterans” and thus we are we are currently serving as “A” Squad of 1st Platoon, 1st Company, 4th Battalion. We have yet to give a nickname to our Dragoon Class Chimera.


Characters belonging to the Calisi 9th Star Mechanised gain the following advantages:

Characteristic Modifiers: + 3 Aglity, -3 Perception, and + 3 to two of the following: Ballistic Skill, Toughness, Willpower.
Starting Aptitudes: Willpower.
Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (War), Operate (Surface).
Starting Talents: Combat Formation or Double Team, Hatred (Tau), Rapid Reload, Nerves of Steel or Sprint, Resistance (Fear).
Hated Enemy: Calisi regiments have been predominately deployed to the Greyhell Front, where they war against the Tau and their vassal armies. As such, the Calisi culture is particularly indoctrinated into hating the Tau Empire in all its wretched manifestations. However, this hatred is often so strong as to overwhelm reason and sound judgement, and all Calisian characters may be required, at the GM’s discretion, to attempt an Ordinary ( + 10) Willpower Test in order to restrain themselves from attacking without mercy when that enemy is sighted.
Bred for War: Calisians possess an entirely justified siege mentality, a natural result of daily lives shaped by the need for perpetual service against an enemy that could strike at any time, and the discipline required to respond to that threat swiftly and effectively. Calisians are loyal almost to a fault, and reluctant to disobey orders even with good reason, lacking personal initiative, and becoming inflexible as a result. A Calisian must attempt a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test in order to go against the rules and regulations of the Imperial Guard.
Starting Wounds: Calisian characters determine their starting Wounds normally.
9th calisi trooper
Standard Regimental Kit: Total Kit weight 45kg + spare parts (commonly held in Chimera)
one M36 lasgun and four charge packs (Main Weapon),
one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour,
one mark IV “Bouncy Willi”-pattern smoke grenade,
two frag grenades,
two krak grenades,
poor weather gear,
sling bag,
set of basic tools,
a “common” amount of spare parts scavenged to fix the tank,
mess kit and water canteen,
blanket and sleep bag,
rechargeable lamp-pack,
grooming kit,
dog tags,
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer,
2 weeks’rations,
pocket-watch style chrono,
fur lined “Hero of Calisi” dress uniform,
Mark III “Curri”-pattern survival suit,
a single bottle of Imperial Eagle double distilled “vodka”
and one Dragoon Class Chimera IFV per Squad.
Troops of the Calisi 9th Star Mechanised gains an additional +10 on all Logistics Tests made to obtain bionic replacements and implants.
Favoured Weapons: Bolter and Man-portable Lascannon

The Regiment

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