Sasha Zhivets

Sasha is a hulking figure who seems to strain at his uniform. He carries the Lascannon for his unit.


WS: 32 BS: 35 S: 40 T: 51 Agil: 34 Int: 33 Per: 30 Wil: 33 Fel: 35

Class: Heavy Gunner
Wounds: 11
Fate Points: 1
XP Total: 2900
XP Used: 2800

Ballistic Skill, Defence, Fellowship, Offence, Perception, Toughness, Willpower, General

Athletics – Known
Dodge – Known
Intimidate – Known
Operate (Surface) – Known
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) – Trained
Common Lore (War) – Trained
Common Lore (Imperium) – Known
Awareness – Known
Scrutiny – Known
Survival – Known
Stealth – Known
Linguistics (Low Gothic) – Known

Stat Increases
Toughness – Simple/Intermediate
Strength – Simple/Intermediate
Ballistics Skill – Simple
Fellowship – Simple

Iron Jaw
Weapon Training (Las, Solid, Low-tech, Heavy, Bolt)
Resistance (Fear)
Combat Formation
Hatred (Tau)
Rapid Reload
Nerves of Steel

Name: Gant


Sasha worked in a factorium on Calisi before he was called up. He drove a heavy loader but people joked that he could probably lift the stuff himself. That was because Sasha had a hulking, solid frame. While he was resilient he wasn’t actually particularly strong. It has always bothered him that he didn’t quite match up to the image his co-workers had of him.

Now the unit expects him to carry a Lascannon into battle. Sasha is trying his best to build his strength up so that he can carry the huge weapon easily. He is usually seen stripped to an undershirt and lifting weights made from whatever is handy. He’s already been disciplined for using artillery shells as weights but the Commissar seemed more amused that annoyed. Sasha will one day be able to carry his pack and lascannon without help from Gant, his loader. He is determined to get there.

Sasha is slow to anger but when he loses his cool he goes into a rage. He is otherwise a friendly fellow, constantly telling people that it will work out for the best. He has complete faith that the Emperor will protect the truly faithful and tells his fellows to believe in Him.

Sasha Zhivets

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