Nikita Kalashnikov

Weapon Specialist


WS – 36
BS – 46
ST – 34
TO – 31
AG – 35
IN – 28
PE – 37
WP – 33
FE – 32


  • Agility
  • Ballistic Skill
  • Fellowship
  • Fieldcraft
  • Finesse
  • Weaponskill
  • Willpower

Common Lore: Imperial Guard
Common Lore: Imperium
Common Lore: War
Navigate: Surface
Operate: Surface Vehicle

Combat Formation
Hatred: Tau
Lasgun Barrage
Rapid Reload
Resistance: Fear
Weapon Training (Solid, Las, Heavy, Launcher)

Wounds: 11
Fate Points: 1

Armsmen, Hail of Fire



Born into a government family Nikita was destined to serve the imperium in some form. Though the life of the administratum suited her parents she always thought the constant debates and paperwork a born, so she joined up with the forces.

She always thought the idea of being a Navy pilot to be one full of excitement and adventure and so thats what she applied for. However like so many millions of dissappointed soldiers this was not where she ended up. Instead she excelled in basic training and was pushed into the path of a weapon specialist with top marks in marksmenship, indirect support and stealth.

While it wasnt what she wanted, she was good at it, and beside she was stuck with it for the next 25years…. if she lived that long.

Recently she has been drafted into the 9th Calisi Star Mechanised Regiment where none of her best skills can be of use in the back of a chimera. This has further dissappointed her already dissappointing military career.

She has been assigned a comrade, Nikolai, who is even more digruntled then her. He hates the fact that his job is to carry HER weapons around and follow HER orders while she does all the fighting! To make things worse if she stuffs up its his head on the commisar’s firing line!

As a weapon specialist Nikita has chosen 3 weapon systems to focus on: The Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher and the Mortar. Getting the administratum to assign her the weapons is another story.

Nikita Kalashnikov

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