Kaine Volkov

Misassigned Operator


WS 32
BS 38
STR 38
TOU 40
AGI 41
INT 32
PER 30
WP 31
FEL 29
WND 10

Common Lore (Tech)
Common Lore (Imperial Guard)
Common Lore (Imperium)
Common Lore (War)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Linguistics (Imperial Codes)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface) x2
Tech-Use x2

Double Team
Hatred (Tau)
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Fear)
Simple Advance – Perception
Simple Advance – Intelligence
Simple Advance – Toughness
Simple Advance – Weapon Skill
Technical Knock
Weapon Training (Heavy, Las, Low-Tech, Solid)

Auspex, Mind Impulse Unit (Common craftsmanship), Combi-tool, Data-slate, Lascutter

Comrade Alexi Maylovitch
Abilities: Gunner, Put That Out!

Unspend XP = 100

Max Carrying Weight = 36kg

Half Move = 4m; Full Move = 8m; Charge = 12m; Run = 24m

Current Fatigue = 0

Scars = Massive keloid scar running along the femoral line of the left leg.


As a child in the township of Pripiyat, Kaine became quickly renowned as a gifted athlete. Possessed of a tall and powerful weightlifter frame, the unyielding resilience of a yak, and a gymnast’s dexterity, Kaine’s physical prowess earned him many accolades and honours throughout primary and secondary school.

His future as a storm trooper – and a brilliant one at that – was assured. Unfortunately, an administratium error assigned Kaine to the Bogandov Heavy Vehicle Training School, where the massive Kaine was forced into a curriculum entirely unsuited to his nature and which has made no use of his natural ability. Unable to transfer before being deployed to active duty, Kaine is intensely resentful at this twist of fate, his bitterness only growing as his large form is cramped up in the closed confines of a tank and undertaking tasks ill-suited to his abilities.

Kaine’s current traits include:

Either through the ease of long practice, or the proper ritual, the character can clear stoppages with a simple knock or solid smack of his hand to a weapon. The character may un-jam any gun as a Half Action, but may only use this Talent on one weapon per round. The character must touch the weapon (often quickly and violently) to make this Talent work.

Heavy, Las, Low-Tech, Solid

The character’s background, experience, training, exposure or plain stubbornness has developed a resistance within him. The character gains a +10 bonus when making Tests to resist effects of this type.

The character has experience of fighting in paired teams that work together to take down their enemies. When ganging up on an opponent, the character gains an additional +10 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests. If both the characters that outnumber the enemy have this Talent then both gain an additional +10 bonus, for a total of +20. This bonus is in addition to the normal bonus gained from Ganging Up on an opponent.

A group, organisation, or race has wronged the character in the past, fuelling this animosity. When fighting opponents of that group in close combat, the character gains a +10 bonus to all Weapon Skill Tests made against them. The character also finds it difficult to back down from a fight with his hated foe and must make a Willpower Test to retreat or surrender when fighting them, unless massively outnumbered or outclassed.

The firing ranges and weapon drill chambers are the character’s constant abode, and hours of reloading countless magazines or power cells means that he can replace them without looking and without thinking. The character halves all reload times, rounding down. Thus, a Half Action reload becomes a Free Action, a Full Action reload becomes a Half Action, and so on.

The character can move at great speeds. When taking a Full Move Action, the character can move an extra number of metres equal to their Agility Bonus. When taking the Run Action, the character may double their movement for one round. The character gains one level of Fatigue if they use this Talent two turns in a row.

Calisi regiments have been predominately deployed to the Greyhell Front, where they war against the Tau and their vassal armies. As such, the Calisi culture is particularly indoctrinated into hating the Tau Empire in all its wretched manifestations. However, this hatred is often so strong as to overwhelm reason and sound judgement, and all Calisian characters may be required, at the GM’s discretion, to attempt an Ordinary ( + 10) Willpower Test in order to restrain themselves from attacking without mercy when that enemy is sighted.

Calisians possess an entirely justified siege mentality, a natural result of daily lives shaped by the need for perpetual service against an enemy that could strike at any time, and the discipline required to respond to that threat swiftly and effectively. Calisians are loyal almost to a fault, and reluctant to disobey orders even with good reason, lacking personal initiative, and becoming inflexible as a result. A Calisian must attempt a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test in order to go against the rules and regulations of the Imperial Guard.

[Most recent update: +5 to WS, Increase Tech Use from Known to Trained]

Kaine Volkov

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