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The (Second) Baraban Campaign

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Hercules dropship
The session begins with a landing transport making its atmospheric entry to Baraban. The massive vessel is large enough to carry one full mechanised platoon of the 9th Calisi. Troops are strapped into their Chimera, their limited view of the transport interior their only vista – there are no exterior viewports within the cargo section, nor is there any viewscreen to provide information about the flight status.

A series of red lights illuminate the interior of the transport during flight, casting everything in an eerie glow. The roar of the engines overshadows all other sound, save the occasional worried laugh or gasp from their fellows during flight. It is virtually impossible to carry on a conversation during flight.
Each of the troops is prepare in this standard armour and carries his regimental lasgun. Other standard equipment is stored in a slingbag in a bin under their seat. The platoon Lascannon is partly disassembled and stowed above the seats. The Chimera itself is locked in place with a series of large clamps and thick one foot wide straps.
The 1st Platoon was the last one to enter the vessel as is their privilege. Because of that, they are seated closest to the transport’s loading ramp.

The craft is currently on final approach to one of Baraban’s Imperial fortifications, located on the Northern continent. While far from the regions that once represented the planet’s largest human populations, the area was once sparsely inhabited.
The initial briefings have so far indicated that the 9th is being assigned near front lines. The nature and number of the enemyin this region has not yet been clarified. Rumours have circulated about the front, but nothing has been confirmed.

As the transport descends through the atmosphere, it frequently bumps and shakes. As the vehicle prepares for its final approach, the ship’s speakers crackle and a voice mumbles somethingv almost indistinguishable over the sound of the engines and the static of the speakers. The ship’s pilot informs the passengers that they are entering a hot landing zone: enemy are currently attacking the depot’s spaceport. The squads should be prepared to engage in combat immediately upon disembarking. Landing should be in less than 10 minutes.
Only Kain, the Chimera Driver, and Josiah, the distrusted Psyho -I mean Psyker, were able to interpret it. Kain attempts to signal to the others squad members has he unbuckles and makes his way to the driver compartment to begin awakening the Chimera’s machine spirit. Josiah likewise attempts to convey to his squad-mates the impending situation using his data-slate – all their efforts are in vain as the sound of the engines precludes speech, and neither they, nor their team-mates have any non-verbal communication skills or the awareness to comprehend the strange hand gestures and battle-footage (from the data-slate) that Kain and Josiah are going on with.

The transport is shifting substantially and the engines are roaring as it prepares to make a hurried landing while under enemy fire. The shuttle lands with a violent lurch. Kain is jostled and buffeted but luckily is not injured.
As the ship finally stops moving, the compartment lights switch from red to white and a green light illuminates the hatch, indicating that it is unlocked and may be opened.

228 max
From the moment it is opened, the squad is immediately aware of the sounds of battle and see strange hunched figures loping across the landing strip. The squad recognise them as Kroot warriors! The Kroot have a substantial numerical advantage, and have broken through the western defenses, threatening to overrun the already occupied Guard position in the centre.
Three Krootox, mounted with large cannons, divert to handle the Guard reinforcements emerging from the transport while the main war-band continues its advance to the humans’ flank.

Hurriedly the squad leaps into action. Sasha opens the rear assault ramp of the Chimera and Mac, with elite discipline, charges out into the transport hold. Both soldiers begin to unlock the Chimera from its transit bindings. Commissar Dragonov reminds the troops of the valiant nature of their task here on Baraban and the fate that awaits Humanity should they fail!

The Large Kroot war-beasts advance…

Kain’s preparedness in awakening the Chimera before landing allows them to begin engaging the enemy with the Autocannon wile still in the cargo hold. White flashes of energy smash into the front armour of the Chimera, the Kroot cannons blazing away wildly.

Sasha returns to the Chimera to retrieve his lascannon and begins to prepare it to engage the large Krootox, but the Commissar issues a directive! “Everyone back inside the Chimera and prepare to exit the ship!” Sasha returns the lascannon to storage and Mac undoes the last restraining bolt from the Chimera as the armoured transport lurches into motion.

Down the ramp and into the fray!

The autocannon continues to land hit after hit into the giant Kroot war-beasts, which are almost the same size as the Chimera but the dense muscle and sheer bulk of the creatures enable the enemy to weather the onslaught and close on the Chimera.
Dimitri mans the storm bolter and suppresses the Kroot warriors as they cross the open landing field.
A Krootox stumbles under the kinetic force of three autocannon rounds slamming through its mass. The Kroot warrior is thrown from its back and rolls into a runing charge at the Chimera.
Sasha mans the the Hull-Flamer and unleashes litres of burning Promethium onto the Kroot warrior.
The warrior somehow survives and leaps onto the Chimera and begins to enter the open hatch left by the Commissar who had only just abandoned his position at the pintle mounted storm-bolter.

The Kroot warrior squarks angrily at the tasty crew inside the Chimera as its head thrusts inside the turret cupola. Mac fires his hellgun cutting multiple laser marks craoss the inside of the turret but missing. Dimitri fires his blessed bolt pistol sending explosive rounds ricocheting around the cabin but also misses the warrior. The Kroot is about to push himself inside the Chimera and begin his gruesome work when suddenly arcs of lightening fill the turret and engulf the Kroot cooking his wiry avian muscle and freezing him dead in the hatchway.

The Krootox cannon blasts rip into the vulnerable side armour of the Chimera as Kain valiantly maneuvers the vehicle away from the advancing giants and towards to base. Mac pushes the Kroot corpse from the “Pride of Prypiat” and mans the storm bolter swinging it to face the mammoth Krootox only metres from them – but even the furious storm of bolter rounds does little to these creatures.

The situation threatens to become dire until Sasha emerges from the rear top hatch of he Chimera with his lascannon, and bracing it on the hull blasts the hulking enemy into gory Kroot Fried Creature pieces.

The squad mop up the flanking Kroot but not before they cause some damage to the base forces. Josiah uses his psychic powers again but summons a terrible warp scream which terrifies one of the squad members.
Sb blackwater on fire
The squad has become aware that their transport has an engine on fire and after the enemy are dealt with they pursue a multi-thread plan to solve the problem. Kain attempts to shut down the fuel lines to the dangerously cycling engine, but almost fry themselves in a gout of engine blast. Sasha finds fire fighting equipment and brings it to the engine while Dimitri orders base personnel to assist. The engine is not saved but is prevented from detonation!

In the aftermath the squad help rebuild and reorganise the base gaining both valuable information about their situation and forging important relationships with the local garrison.


This blog entry was WAY too long, so I am going to be even more brief from now on.


Game Mechanics
Now that I realise we were doing “Righteous Fury” incorrectly – I think the combat system is much improved and streamlined.
I found the skills rolls appropriate and I though people were failing/succeeding appropriately too.
I didn’t get as much detail through to you guys in game descriptions, especially at the end, so I will have to be mindful and give that section of the game more attention as it is important to give context to what the characters are experiencing, especially as the story unfolds.
Favourite bit
The fear and anxiety created by the entire combat and especially when the Kroot threatened to enter the Chimera cabin, I felt that everyone thought that if the Kroot got inside very bad things would happen – and that made for great story.

The (Second) Baraban Campaign

I don’t know if the blog entry is too long Willie – I think it’s healthy to capture the detail of the session and some of the micro-drama which would otherwise be forgotten in the mists of time.

I also think that the vehicle rules are steadily improving with each edition of the 40K rules set, particularly vehicle repair.

The (Second) Baraban Campaign
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