Current State

  • Third session is done and we are about half way through our beginner mission. The group is surrounded by a horde of Kroot and faces almost certain slaughter.
  • The Pride of Prypiat is still “lightly damaged”.
  • Everyone should have starting XP + 2300

Things to Do

  • Spend XP: You may spend XP as you get it (between sessions).
  • Update your character on OP: Make sure your character is up to date and remember to note total XP gained/spent.
  • Get your kit sorted: I am assuming everyone is encumbered unless proven otherwise. This will be important in session three (or four) as a large battle is impending in which you will most likely be out of the CHIMERA…every Agility Bonus point counts!
  • Update the Adventure Log: please use the comments section to add OCC thoughts about the first session, particularly “playtest” related information. Also feel free to amend the blog – it is a “living document” and certainly not gospel.
  • Post your thoughts on the game on the FFG forums!
  • This is the link to the FFG PDF of Week 7 updates. Read it as there are significant changes! Be aware that the Stormtrooper armour has returned to COMMON STORMTROOPER CARAPACE. The last weekly update will likely have a lot of changes as well.

Rules in Effect

  • Just to remind everyone I will be pursuing encumberance rules this session, it will mostly matter to people wishing to move from wall to wall.
  • There will be some new comrade orders to play with as well. I will post them in our forums over the next few days for clarification and modification.

Only War Playtest

Wilbry Only war header 2 Boyd_Prime MarDurTaren btboyd boydys Pope RICEMAN